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Meet Biddy, The Travelling Hedgehog

Those of us who want to travel but do not have the time or the money finally have a solution – we can travel in spirit together with Biddy the hedgehog, a little guy on Instagram whose travel photos are becoming insanely popular.

Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, Biddy’s two loving owners in Oregon, take him on adventures almost every week throughout the Pacific Northwest. He visits mountains, forests, waterfalls, and the occasional donut shop.

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Having a good body image day thanks to this lighting😊

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I’ve been working on this on and off for a while now, but I thought it needed saying. 

Want more body positivity help? Check out this masterpost of male body positivity blogs. :)

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These are great reasons! I like morning workouts year round, though.

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Really though let’s be real here.

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